Green Zone

Monday morning media. As I was flipping through the channels, I discovered a film, Green Zone. I had never seen it, so I decided to give it a shot. Matt Damon is a huge inspiration and role model of mine (I suppose the fact that he’s incredibly good looking is a plus, too.) The movie is great, highly recommend if you’re into war/action/drama films, but the one line that really got me was in a conversation between our protagonist Miller (aka Matt Damon) and bureau chief Martin Brown (aka Brendan Gleeson aka Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter).

“There are no easy answers. If you want that, go work with Poundstone. All we got is hard choices.”

Martin Brown says this line in response to an inquiry of Chief Miller’s. It hit me hard. In life, all too often there are no easy answers or straight path. Sometimes we’re left standing with our hands tied. There will always be situations when we’re forced or expected to make tough calls.

The real question is, how do we make those tough shots? When the lines are blurred beyond recognition how do we decide between what is morally right and what is necessary? I’m not sure. In politics, in relationships, in our everyday lives we will always have tough choices to make. The one thing I know is that we must follow our instincts and not sacrifice our own moralities. Go. Make your tough choices, but don’t forsake yourself while doing so.

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