Poetry is good for the soul.

Ah, yes. Poetry. If love were a writing style, poetry it would be. I believe my favorite part about poetry is that a single piece can contain a million different meanings to a million different people. Poetry has the power to provoke feeling and thought in even the most withdrawn individuals.

Poetry has gotten me through a lot in my life. Every person deals with adversity or struggle differently, and I happen to deal with my own through art. Whenever something has happened in my life of any significance, I’ve always turned to my pen to deal with and describe it. The ability to put my feelings on something concrete makes them more real and allows me to approach situations in the best mindset possible. The fact that I know I can hold on to my thoughts and feelings forever is incredibly romantic to me, and I only wish others can find a love for writing and poetry as I have. It’s honestly quite something.

This brings me to the topic at hand: scholarships. I know what you’re thinking. How do these two mix? As a high school senior and college applicant about to venture out into the world, I’ve come to realize just how much money can impact one’s life. I’m a natural born dreamer, but even dreamers have to pay the bills. My family is not particularly endowed or entitled, and because of this, I do have superior budgeting skills. Even my talents can not sail my through undergrad alone, however, and thus I have taken it upon myself to start applying for scholarships. (Within the next few weeks I intend on writing a separate post solely about scholarships, just a head’s up)

In my search, I came across a spectacular website: http://www.powerpoetry.org. After finding this site, I have to admit I spent an embarrassing amount of time just reading through contributions. I can’t believe I’ve lived the past seventeen years without this site in my bookmarks!

For those who love poetry, the site is great because you have the opportunity to read so many different styles from all different kinds of people. For college hopefuls who love to write poetry, the site offers incredible opportunities to make submissions and win scholarships. For anyone who loves to explore new works of art, especially raw, heartfelt work – this is the place for you.

Essentially, a topic is posted and anyone can upload their own poem. A new topic is added every couple of months. If you’ve never written poetry before, I recommend you try it, or at least visit the site. If you ask me, the majority of our nation’s problems could probably be solved if we all spent a little more time devoted to art and truly representing ourselves in the most natural and pure way possible.


College applications.

Yes, yes, yes. College applications. High school seniors across the United States are rushing to finish essays, gather recommendations, and piece together impressionable applications representative of their capabilities as students.

I’ve finally joined this crowd, and honestly, it’s nothing like I expected. I’m a strong student, I’m passionate about learning, and I’m a diligent worker. When it came time to fill out applications, though, I found myself feeling like I’d spent these past seventeen years doing absolutely nothing.

Do you know how terrifying it is to fill out an application that is “supposed” to encompass your entire existence and aspirations and find it can be surmised in 9 pages? It’s horrifying.

I have respectable scores, grades, and extracurriculars. I haven’t been given many opportunities or guidance since I’m from a very rural town. I’ve spent most of my years shooting in the dark, so to speak. It’s quite intimidating to find out the school you dream of attending sees over 30,000 applications each year, and of those, only accepts seven percent. The scariest part? Just about every single one of those applicants has an outstanding academic history or extremely endowed.

My advice to applying for students from low income, rural parts of the US? Don’t be so self-conscious. Looking back at the applications I’ve already submitted and to the applications I’ll be submitting within the upcoming months, I can’t help but wonder if I’m taking this all too seriously.

This is meant to be a fun process. You’re deciding where you want to spend the first four years of your life as a legal adult. It’s a big deal, but you’re supposed to have fun with it. I’ve worried so much about whether or not I’d get in to the schools I’m applying to that I sometimes wonder if my own anxiety will stop admissions directors from seeing the person applying.

Summary? I’ve only watched videos and read articles, so I’m not an expert in the application process, but I’d say not to worry so much. These admissions directors know what they’re doing. They’re job is to select students that would work well at their respective institutions. If you get accepted, great. If you don’t, it is no reflection on who you are as a person or what you can achieve. (Or at least this is what I’m telling myself.)

I can testify to the fact that if you truly want to succeed and make a difference in this world you can, regardless of your background or what university you attend. I’m from a very small high school with limited course options and teachers with practically no resources, yet I’ve still managed to get what I feel is a solid education and good test scores.

Lastly, don’t focus so much on the college, but rather, your field of study. What are you passionate about? Why do you want to go to a particular college? College is about finding out who you want to become and hopefully getting an education to help you achieve your dreams. Success finds the passionate naturally.

I was born in the wrong decade.

The other night I was scrolling through Netflix exploring my entertainment options when I came across a documentary on the Eagles. I was intrigued.

“History of the Eagles.” After reading the short blurb about the film, I decided to watch a few minutes of it just to see what it was really about.

I love music. The only genre I don’t listen to is scream-o/heavy metal. If you were to steal my beloved iPhone and scroll through my playlists, you’d come across Frank Sinatra and Beethoven along with Drake and CCR or Coldplay and the Arctic Monkeys. When I say I listen to everything, I mean it. I have a strong passion for the arts: music, poetry, paintings, three-dimensional masterpieces, literature. I love it all. I may prefer some works over others, but at the end of the day, I appreciate every piece simply because it is art. Art is romantic and provoking and powerful. What’s not to love?

My first CD was a greatest hits album of Eric Clapton’s, and at 8 years old it was my most prized possession. I would play it over and over and over again. As I grew older, I learned to love classic rock. With that expansion came my love for the Eagles.

There are so many artists and songs that it would be impossible to expose myself to it all, however, I try to listen to as much as I can. Unfortunately, this leaves little time for me to actually learn the story behind the music. And that is simply tragic. The story behind the music, the reasons why it was made and the influences an artist feels are really what makes a piece so extraordinary and truly transcendent of time and space.

I had known the Eagles experienced many trials and tribulations through their existence, but I never knew how many until watching the documentary. It never occurred to me the power Glenn Frey and Don Henley had and what amazing musicians they are. By watching the documentary, for the first time I really got to see which artists helped develop the Eagles and what obstacles the band faced.

If you have any passion for music and rock and roll, I highly recommend the documentary.

What shocked me the most was how the band evolved and withstood the tests of time. When you look at the Eagles albums, you can see how the group has changed. This partially had to do with the exchange of band members I’m sure, but mainly can be attributed to just time in general.

I could talk on and on about the documentary itself and the history of the Eagles, but honestly, I feel it’s something you should watch for yourself.

So what can we learn from this? What do we take away? That we all should’ve gotten the opportunity to live through the 70’s? Yes, we should’ve.  It’s not fair that we all didn’t get a chance to live through those glory days. What I’ve decided to take away from this is nostalgia and the acceptance and embracement of change. The Eagles, with Don Henley and Glenn Frey at its core, knew that to last forever and to truly be a legend band that it would have to somehow evolve and change without losing its integrity. I think we all experience this pressure to change and evolve. So many of us abandon ourselves to join the wave.

Change is funny.

Summary: my soul mate is a young Don Henley, afro and aviators in all, the Eagles are one of the best bands of all time, change and time don’t have to be destructive, and time flies, so it’s best to embrace the moments while we have them.

Oh, to be seventeen.

Hello, blog world.

After much internal debate, I’ve decided to begin blogging. Let me be clear: I am not blogging because I think other people care about what I have to say (I’m seventeen, people. No one honestly cares what a seventeen year old thinks.), but because maybe someone somewhere out in this big world is thinking and feeling what I’m thinking and feeling, and maybe if they read this blog they might feel a little less alone. Isn’t that what life is all about, anyways? Living life and surrounding yourself with people who make you a better individual and make you feel a little more whole inside?

With this being said, I feel as though I owe it to you to give a little background information on myself. I live in a quaint, little island in Florida with my parents and two younger brothers. As a seventeen year old, I am currently in the process of finding myself/getting into college/planning my future/trying not to implode.

Quite honestly, I’ve never written much for myself, it’s always been for other people. I’ve always written for classes or teachers or projects. So this entire blog thing is entirely foreign. I’m going to give it my best shot, though.

I hope to encompass naive thoughts, opinions, personal experiences, and much, much more in this blog, and I hope that you stick along for what is about to be a crazy ride.